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China Business: How It Works

  The one-day course is offered on July 13 and August 10 from 9 am – 4 pm
Location: SUNY Global Center
116 E. 55th Street
SR 202
Fee: $250

Course Description

China’s financial, legal, commercial administration and regulatory systems function differently than those in the USA.  In this course, you will dramatically shorten your China business learning curve in four practical, enlightening sessions - Policy, Business Types, Capital, and Enterprise & Consumer Culture. Learn exactly why and how China business is so different from what we know in the USA.



JanetJanet Carmosky has a formal education in Chinese Studies (U. Penn 1985) and over twenty-five years of experience in strategy consulting, private equity, and operations management in China, mainly Shanghai. A fluent Mandarin speaker, a former daughter-in-law to a family of Party officials, the founder and CEO of The China Business Network, and a leading speaker and blogger on US-China economic relations, Janet's real passion is teaching both Chinese and Americans to be more effective in working with each other.

Other Course Suggestions

China Business Communication 101
Recognize their Chinese names; Know proper business etiquette;Make self-introduction and carry out simple dialogue duiring initial meetings with the Chinese; Ask directions; Build  cultural awareness.
Register now! Questions? Call 212-317-3518

Questions? Call 212-317-3518

What will you learn?

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to navigate Chinese economic agencies relevant to international business.  They will learn to define their China business issues in a way that makes them solvable.

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